My practice explores childhood and its connections to memory and nostalgia. I am interested in the past being described and remembered through objects and the sentimentalisation of such objects. Although my practice is specific to my own childhood, I believe there are collective experiences and feelings that can be evoked in even the most personal of memories.

Memory is infamously unreliable and this is something I encourage within my making. I love to use outdated technology and unpredictable processes that automatically create inaccuracies making it impossible to be precise. The temperamental nature of such processes, the unrefined, naivety of them result in wobbly, imperfect objects that appear animated to the point of almost vibrating. Always not quite right. Familiar but to a point. These distortions reveal the deceit of memory making absolute truth completely ungraspable.

I represent the playthings from my imagination and memories - what is, what isn’t and what has been. Like a love letter to my younger self, I create to express my own melancholic joy for what has passed. I aim to embrace the joy from remembering without cynicism or irony. Stuck between the real and unreal. Using nostalgia as purity to create a world more ridiculous than surreal.